At Instant CASH for house, we believe in helping homeowners like yourself to move forward in life. We understand your situation and are willing to work with you personally to provide you with an Instant SOLUTION. We look at each property separately and find customized solution for you.

We are a team of fully trained Professional Real Estate Investors dedicated to help you escape any circumstances and act on it fast. We at Instant CASH for house buy and sell any kind of properties throughout Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. We are not Realtors; we are Investors, experienced in buying houses and or any kind of property
AS-IS. We will act instant and evaluate your situation with a free consultation and solve your problem immediately because we want You to Keep CASH… Not Problems.

We at Instant CASH for house work with a huge network of professionals like private lenders, bankers, cash buyers, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents all over GTA and Canada to help you get the CASH instantly.

Here We Believe You Deserve More

At Instant CASH for house, we believe in helping you by not only buying your house for CASH but also, set you free from any:


Closing Costs

Legal Expenses

Commissions / Fees

Paper Work

Save your Credit

Build your Credit*

(Ask us, how we can build your Credit!!!)

We take intensive care of our clients from start till they receive CASH and beyond, which is why we are recommended and mainly work on referrals from our happy and satisfied Property Owners.

Call us today at (647)-660-1500 or contact us to Sell your House for Instant CASH and get the hassle free life you deserve.


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